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Some Advocacy

Should open source software be ported to Windows? Yes. Will it cause damage to Linux? No. OS softwares should be made available to Windows, just until they are commonly used by anyone and then just stop making them available for win32 ;). That's simple no? :)) It is the way business works.

I don't know what people at Microsoft and SCO are thinking about, but the SCO case is the best thing ever they could do to the OSS community. What could you do to have a community tied if not by making unfair declarations against it? What could you do to make a community strong if not by allowing it to train to take action and fight? What could you do to a community to make it durable if not by giving it a (dumb) case it will ever be able to refer to, and will be able to compare new threats against? Now, every time someone will attack the OSS community it will first be compared against the SCO case, and most of its credibility will vanish.

Thanks EU, anybody can buy a law (locally mirrored, could not find the original author of it...). Although we can do it too (may be..). Hope there will be some for us.

You should consider buying music at its real cost. By the way, France is one of the great countries where there is a law that make you pay for something bad you haven't done, but yet does not allow you to do it. May be it is changing though (more here).

I use to say, when someone asks me what it the difference between Linux and Windows that: " with Linux is it harder to do simple things but simpler to do hard things". So it just depends what you need a computer for... By the way, If you like real mutually recursive things, try this one.

Mmmh very bad.

You should understand their contribution. Internet and the informatic would be different without them: Gnu ( and the Free Software Foundation (